Why Outsource to EBUDDY BPO?

It is generally accepted that when carried out with skill and experience, telephone prospecting can prove to be an incredibly effective sales developer. But however not all businesses have the time and resources at their disposal to carry out regular, structured, targeted and effective telephone prospecting. The option of employing additional in-house staff is too expensive and time consuming.

Apart from that, to be realistic, not everyone enjoys the volume cold prospecting side of business development. Even many experienced sales people would prefer to be working with warm leads where there is already a relationship in place. Prospecting is a tough job, and it takes a unique mix of character and ability to do it well.

Outsource your prospecting and marketing initiatives to EBUDDY BPO for these salient points below:

Results Driven

The success of EBUDDY BPO is based on the success of your campaign. We want to build results driven, long term relationships with our clients.


Years of front line experience in generating sales appointments and qualified sales leads on the phone, plus a knowledgeable Management team gives our clients the peace of mind.

Personal Service

We take the extra miles to get to know your business, and strive to meet all your marketing objectives.

Cost Effective

No costs incurred to employ additional in-house staff.


We can customize all telephone prospecting or mass marketing activities according to our clients' needs, hence you're always in control!

What Do You Need?

Sales appointment setting, sales lead generation, sales pipeline development, inbound customer service, database profiling, digital marketing data entry outsourcing.

Daily Reporting

Be kept up to date with report details of sales appointments and sales leads as they happen on a daily basis.


We can source quality database for your campaign or digital marketing needs.

Talk to us about your Marketing needs or contact us today for a free Needs Analysis. Any engagement with us enables you to experience the benefits of what a quality telemarketing campaign can do for your business. Call us today at +03-9202 9225 or email us at [email protected] for all your inquiries.

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